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Community banks serve companies and consumers all through the nation. Other Taxes shall mean any present or future stamp or documentary taxes or any other excise or property taxes, expenses or related levies (however excluding any tax, charge or levy that constitutes Excluded Taxes) which come up from any cost made hereunder or from the execution, supply or registration of, or in any other case with respect to, this Agreement or any other Loan Paperwork.

Collection Account Agreements means, collectively, (i) that certain Deposit Account Control Agreement dated February 13, 2012 entered into between Borrowers, Agent, and Bank of America, as depository financial institution, as the identical amended, restated and supplemented every now and then, (ii) that certain Deposit Account Management Settlement dated on or about April 24, 2012 entered into between Debtors, Agent, and Wells Fargo Financial institution, National Association, as depository financial institution, as the identical amended, restated and supplemented every so often, and (iii) another deposit account management agreement, assortment agreement or comparable agreement entered into by Borrowers and authorized by Agent.

(iii) From and after the date, if any, on which any Lender purchases an undivided curiosity and participation in any Non-Ratable Loan or Agent Advance pursuant to clause (ii) preceding, Agent shall promptly distribute to such Lender, such Lender’s Pro Rata Share of all funds of principal and curiosity and all proceeds of Collateral received by the Agent in respect of such Non-Ratable Loan or Agent Advance.

(i) Agent shall request settlement (“Settlement”) with Lenders on a minimum of a weekly basis, or on a more frequent foundation in that case determined by Agent, (A) on behalf of Financial institution of America, with respect to every excellent Non-Ratable Loan, (B) for itself, with respect to every Agent Advance, and (C) with respect to collections received, in each case, by notifying Lenders of such requested Settlement by telecopy, telephone or other similar type of transmission, of such requested Settlement, no later than 12:00 p.m., midday (New York, New York time) on the date of such requested Settlement (the “Settlement Date”).

A. The borrowers and lenders party thereto (the “Original Debtors” and the “Original Lenders”, as relevant), and Financial institution of America, as agent for the Original Lenders, are parties to that certain Fourth Amended and Restated Loan and Safety Settlement, dated as of January 18, 2012, as heretofore amended or otherwise modified to, among other things, cause all of the Borrowers and Lenders not initially social gathering thereto to join therein, (the “Current Mortgage Agreement”), whereby Bank of America, as agent for the Lenders, and the Lenders agreed to make revolving loans, letters of credit score and different monetary lodging available to the Borrowers.