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Group banks serve companies and customers all through the nation. Lending Workplace shall mean the office or places of work of any Lender specified as its “Lending Office” or “Home Lending Office” or “LIBOR Lending Workplace” or such other office or places of work as any Lender could from time to time notify Borrowers. What started out as owing roughly $2000 he changed out loans and made the stability owed to regional at $8k with a a lot higher premium than I had earlier than.

Different Taxes shall mean any current or future stamp or documentary taxes or any other excise or property taxes, fees or similar levies (but excluding any tax, charge or levy that constitutes Excluded Taxes) which come up from any cost made hereunder or from the execution, supply or registration of, or in any other case with respect to, this Agreement or every other Loan Paperwork.

Borrowers might prepay Revolving Loans at any time, and reborrow subject to the terms of this Agreement; supplied, nonetheless, that with respect to any LIBOR Revolving Loans pay as you go by Debtors prior to the expiration date of the Interest Interval relevant thereto, Debtors agree to pay to Agent for the account of Lenders the quantities described in Paragraph 2.14. In addition, and with out limiting the generality of the foregoing, Borrowers shall pay to Agent, for the account of Lenders, the amount, without duplication, by which the sum of outstanding Revolving Loans and the combination amount of Pending Revolving Loans exceeds the Availability with any such quantity to be payable immediately without discover or demand.

Any amounts so re-lent to Debtors shall bear interest at the rate applicable to Base Rate Revolving Loans and for all different functions of this Settlement shall be treated as in the event that they had been Revolving Loans, provided, however, that for purposes of voting or consenting to matters with respect to the Loan Paperwork and figuring out Professional Rata Shares, such Defaulting Lender shall be deemed not to be a “Lender”.

(d) Until otherwise expressly offered herein, (i) references to agreements (together with this Agreement) and other contractual devices shall be deemed to incorporate all subsequent amendments and different modifications thereto, but only to the extent such amendments and different modifications aren’t prohibited by the terms of any Mortgage Doc, and (ii) references to any statute or regulation are to be construed as together with all statutory and regulatory provisions consolidating, amending, replacing, supplementing or decoding the statute or regulation.