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Neighborhood banks serve businesses and customers throughout the nation. After Agent’s receipt of the proceeds of such Revolving Loans, Agent shall make the proceeds of such Revolving Loans out there to Debtors on the applicable Funding Date by transferring same day funds equal to the proceeds of such Revolving Loans obtained by Agent to the account of Debtors, designated in writing by Debtors and acceptable to Agent; provided, however, that the quantity of Revolving Loans so made on any date shall in no occasion exceed the Extra Availability on such date.

Professional Rata Share shall mean, with respect to a Lender, a fraction (expressed as a share), the numerator of which is the quantity of such Lender’s Dedication and the denominator of which is the sum of the quantities of all of the Lenders’ Commitments, or if no Commitments are outstanding or the Commitments have expired, a fraction (expressed as a share), the numerator of which is the amount of Obligations owed to such Lender and the denominator of which is the mixture quantity of the Obligations owed to the Lenders, in every case giving impact to a Lender’s participation in Non-Ratable Loans and Agent Advances.

(a) If any Lender determines that the introduction of any Requirement of Legislation after the Closing Date, or any change in any Requirement of Legislation after the Closing Date, or within the interpretation or administration of any Requirement of Legislation after the Closing Date, has made it unlawful, or that any central bank or different Governmental Authority after the Closing Date has asserted that it is illegal, for any Lender or its applicable Lending Office to make LIBOR Revolving Loans, then, on notice thereof by such Lender to Debtors by way of Agent, any obligation of such Lender to make LIBOR Revolving Loans shall be suspended till such Lender notifies Agent and Debtors that the circumstances giving rise to such willpower no longer exist.

Until such time as such an amendment shall have been executed and delivered by the Borrowers, the Agent, and the applicable Lenders, (A) all financial covenants, standards, and terms in this Agreement shall proceed to be calculated or construed as if such Accounting Change had not occurred and (B) the Debtors shall present to the Agent and the applicable Lenders financial statements and different paperwork required under this Settlement or as moderately requested hereunder setting forth a reconciliation between calculations of such financial covenant, customary, or term made before, and after giving impact to, such Accounting Change.

Subject to the satisfaction of the situations precedent set forth in Part Six and as long as no Default or Occasion of Default then exists, every Lender severally, however not collectively, agrees, upon Debtors’ request from time to time on any Enterprise Day in the course of the period from the date hereof to the Maturity Date, to make revolving loans (the “Revolving Loans”) to Debtors, in amounts to not exceed (apart from Bank of America with respect to Non-Ratable Loans and apart from the Agent with respect to Agent Advances) such Lender’s Pro Rata Share of the Borrowers’ Availability.

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