Community banks serve businesses and customers throughout the country. If such amount isn’t the truth is made out there to Agent by any Lender, Agent shall be entitled to recuperate such quantity on demand from such Lender along with curiosity thereon at the Federal Funds Price for the primary three (three) days from and after such demand and thereafter at the Interest Rate then applicable to Base Charge Revolving Loans.

Securitization Contracts means Contracts that are direct vehicle loans or simple interest motorized vehicle retail installments sales contracts secured by new or used automobile, mild truck, minivan, sport utility or other passenger automobiles (excluding bikes), as listed on a schedule to be delivered to and accredited by Agent at the time of the Securitization, however excluding any such Contracts that have been repurchased, reassigned or transferred to a Borrower, with the prior consent of the Agent.

Financial institution Product Reserves shall imply all reserves for the Bank Merchandise then offered or outstanding which the Agent from time to time establishes in its Permitted Discretion, or which the Agent establishes at the path of one or more Lenders if and for so long as Hypothetical Availability is 10{f153d64db276043ce042764357210ddfef577bdfb26bf7a59b129c351e1587e0} or less of the Credit Facility Publicity.

Contracts shall mean all of every Borrower’s proper, title, and interest in and to every presently existing, and hereafter arising, mortgage account, account, contract right, Instrument, notice, document, chattel paper, common intangible, and all other types of obligations owing to any Borrower, all rights of any Borrower to obtain payment thereof, together with all guarantees or other rights of any Borrower obtained in connection therewith, and any collateral therefor.

Agent shall not incur any legal responsibility to Debtors as a result of acting upon any discover referred to in subparagraphs 2.2(b) and (c), which discover Agent believes in good faith to have been given by any individual duly authorized by Borrowers to request Revolving Loans on its behalf or for otherwise appearing in good faith underneath this Paragraph 2.2, and the crediting of Revolving Loans to Debtors’ deposit accounts, or transmittal to such Individual as Debtors shall direct, shall conclusively set up the duty of Debtors to repay such Revolving Loans as provided herein.